Can Your AC Unit Purify The Indoor Air of Your Home?

A majority of homes have one or more air conditioners (AC) installed for regulating the temperature and humidity level so that it remains pleasant throughout the year. While the AC can reduce the temperature if the air conditioner is not well maintained it will adversely affect the quality of the air. 


This is because the AC is mainly cooling the same air always using the compressor and other parts, only a small part of the air from the air conditioner is fresh air from outdoors. Often the AC is not cleaned regularly, due to a lack of resources and this can affect air quality.


If the air conditioner is not regularly cleaned to remove grime and dirt, the dust in the room will accumulate in the different parts of the air conditioner. The AC filters are supposed to prevent dust from entering the AC and should be changed periodically. However, there is a limit to how much dust these filters can hold. 


After the filters are saturated, they do not block the dust which enters the ducts and other parts, and the dust again circulates in the room, adversely affecting the health of the family members in the room. Additionally, due to low temperature and high humidity levels, harmful bacteria can flourish in the AC, causing diseases for people in the room.

How Does A New AC Unit Make A Better Indoor Air Quality?


While better energy efficiency is a major incentive for replacing the existing AC, another reason why homeowners should consider investing in the latest model of air conditioner available is the improved air quality inside the home. 


Most people, especially in large cities are aware of the air pollution when they go outdoors and how it adversely affects their respiratory system. Yet they do not realize that a poorly maintained AC can cause indoor air pollution levels which are similar to outdoor pollution.


The top AC brands are investing a large amount of money in research professionals to develop better quality filters that are more efficient in removing the dust from the air, and which require less maintenance. 


These companies are also using the latest technology which prevents bacteria and other harmful microbes from flourishing in the air conditioner system. These new AC systems require less cleaning and are easier to clean. So though some additional investment is required, the improved health of the family members is a major incentive for purchasing a new AC


Facts About Dirty AC Filters


One of the major risks of continuing to use the old AC unit is that people in the room will develop allergies like sneezing or coughing. Often people do not have the knowledge, time, or skills to clean the filters in the air conditioner for several months or years.


In this case, the bacteria, fungi, other microbes, dust, and dirt that have been accumulating in the AC, will again circulate in the home along with the cooled air, causing allergies and in some cases respiratory illnesses.